Aluminum alloy ladder buy practical skills

                                   Aluminum alloy ladder buy practical skills

Usually the sale of the ladder, light from the appearance, there may be some not so good resolution, but the luster and texture can also see some of the best resolution method. Hand touch, several following methods for your reference.

1 ladder material discrimination

General can be judged by the material view profile surface gloss, if is the ladder surface process using feed back made out of dark or pale, no gloss (no light), touch feel rough comparison, surface gloss of new material made out of very good touch feeling, smooth and delicate; also can see the toughness of the material the aluminum alloy material, qualified should be allowed by outside force, can immediately recover, if not immediately resume, then this kind of ladder is a lot of potential safety problems. .

The work of 2 ladder:

First open the ladder to see, if a ladder opened creak creak sound, is not a good ladder. Good ladder open closed, there is no sound, the ladder is open, can put it, such as shaking, check or leg length, can also see parts of the material and fine workmanship degree, finally the ladder interface judgements are as follows:

A. interface fixing rivets, rivet can see processing state, if there are loose or gap is too large, which belongs to the unqualified products;

B. interface fixed welding, weld must be fish flake like as the standard, and pass to the full height of uniform size to;

The C. interface is fixed for pressure riveting, can see on the rod and the ladder beam joint is loose (or no compression), treading rod flanging shall be uniform;.

The bearing capacity of the 3 inspection:

In order to prevent poor quality ladders in the inspection capacity when hurt us, we should first look at the mark what is the maximum capacity, the endurance and weight matched when applicable, to test., but not all of a sudden increase in affordable, need to add some weight to the test, in a ladder GB GB 12142-2007 load can be divided into four files, respectively 90KG, 100KG, 110KG, 135KG, ladder safety load qualified should be more than 2.5 times mark.

These I hope for your help to buy a ladder, also hope that if you have a better experience and suggestions can also share with us

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