Aluminum alloy ladder series safety ladder

                                Aluminum alloy ladder series safety ladder

In daily life, most people have the time, high demand for example: decoration, high clean, warehouse goods, shop operation, the most commonly used tool is the ladder climbing ladder, common wood, bamboo, steel is heavy nor save space, storage is a very troublesome thing, can not be placed in the office and living environment, and natural organic material placed after a long time, the load-bearing performance decreases, the structure will be deformed, to the hidden trouble, a lot of people convenience, usually two chairs or stools falls together instead of the ladder, this is very dangerous, whether you believe it or not, according to the result of the United States of America labor organization, even with professional equipment the United States labor, forty-five percent accidents in high altitude operation is caused because of the ladder. I want to see the movie "death to the", will know our daily life actually filled with all kinds of traps and crisis. A little attention, may pay the price of life, this is not alarmist, no matter what kind of elevator accidents are due to drop one's guard, the subjective cause, the objective is the ladder of reason, therefore, whether workers working at height, or furniture living, there are high demands it is best to choose a have an excellent safety performance, high bearing performance, durable, lightweight and convenient ladder, and circumspect follow the ladder and safety issues, almost can avoid any accidents, which is in charge of their own, is also responsible for the whole family and society.

Select the ladder, we must distinguish the strict sense of safety ladder and ladder, if you will. Just as a simple and primitive tools, then you are wrong mistake, because it can't guarantee you a common ladder safety, hidden dangers and risks come unexpectedly, unpredictable cannot stop, our brand extension ladder, is a domestic safety ladder, but also to "armed to the teeth", manufacturing standards and innovative technology the highest industry, coupled with the high quality material collection in a body, minimize and avoid all kinds of risks that may arise in the process of using ladder.

The folding platform ladder as an example:

1, security

Antiskid tread (pedal), face broad: 60cm * 50cm, make the operation more safe, can effectively prevent the occurrence of unexpected circumstances.

2, high efficiency

The ladder feet can effectively stabilize the ladder, folding ladder when folded and unique structure, convenient for storage and transport; when unfolded, suitable for most work in daily.

3, durable

Professional bracing system improves the supporting strength, reinforcement to prevent foot ladder feet distorted bending; can effectively prevent the damage of the ladder frame, aluminum alloy ladder not only durable, with a strong high corrosion resistant material is as good as new!

It is based on the security, respect each ladder, spare no effort to do responsible for every purchase extended official ladder consumer, safety is the first factor Shi extension ladder, with prominent ladder in security under the premise of efficient and convenient, and durable, efficient, durable and design concept is based on the same support the safety performance of official ladder incomparable stretch, stretch in a safe, efficient, durable & the Trinity, get the ladder very trust, I believe it can be your good helper in daily work.