Power plant on mobile ladder, platform, take a car management standard

                 Mobile ladder, platform ladder, ladder truck management standard

1 Scope

1.1 of the standard power plant mobile ladder, platform ladder stool, management, inspection and use rules.

1.2 this standard applies to power plant limited mobile ladder, platform, the management ladder stool.

Mobile ladder 1.3 in this standard (hereinafter referred to as the ladder) refers to the aluminum alloy ladder, aluminum alloy ladder and aluminum alloy stepladder, mobile platform ladder, high stool.

2 normative references

2.1 "light metals portable stepladder safety standard" GB7059.3 - 86

2.1 "portable metal ladder safety standard" GB12142-2007

2.1 "electrical safety regulations" electrical safety [1994]227 (thermal and mechanical parts)

Responsibility 3

3.1 functions

3.1.1 mobile and climb the ladder, the ladder stool, centralized management is responsible for the equipment department and the production department, safety supervision department is responsible for the supervision and management;

3.1.2 the production departments should be mobile and climb the ladder, ladder, ladder truck daily management work;

3.1.3 maintenance, regular inspection and test weight class of mobile and climb the ladder, ladder, climbing car charge, various departments and the establishment of accounting records.

3.2 rights

3.2.1 production in the various departments have the right to manage all the doors move and climb the ladder, ladder, ladder stool;

3.2.2 safety supervision department has the right of each department of the company to move and climb the ladder, ladder, climbing car management, use of supervision, examination, evaluation.

4 management contents and requirements

4.1 management objectives

Safety level for mobile ladder, platform ladder, high stool ascending operation tools, preventing harm accident falling height.

4.2 management requirements

4.2.1 usually use a ladder, platform, high stool department, must develop specific measures to implement the system, issued to the use of teams and groups, conscientiously implement.

Select 4.2.2 departments technology for the Department ladder, platform ladder, high stool management responsibility.

4.2.3 departments to address the ladder, ladder, platform high stool number management.

4.2.4 departments shall establish a ladder, platform, high stool inventory, inventory include: serial number, ladders, platforms, high stool number, types, storage department (Group) purchased (use) time.

4.2.5 ladder, platform, take a car purchase must be used by departments to provide the model and specifications, material department is responsible for the procurement, buy a ladder, platform, high stool must be qualified formal product manufacturers, product certification.

Require the use of 4.2.6 ladder, high stool, mobile platform

Every time I use ladder, high stool, mobile platform, the responsible person must be careful examination, meet the standards can be used, the following inspection items and standards: ladder, high stool

-- have unified, clear number

-- periodic inspection of qualified, records

-- wooden components connected firmly without corrosion, deformation, the bar is off, firm

-- metal components without serious corrosion, no serious deformation, firm and reliable connection

-- complete reliable antiskid device

-- ladder distance shall be not more than 40cm, ladder hinge and limit the opening of the zipper is solid mobile platform

-- have unified, clear number, eye-catching signs to load

-- platform surrounded by a fence, height 1.2m

-- lift structure firmly intact, flexible lifting

-- electrical insulation resistance of qualified, to prevent leakage protection and reliable

The hydraulic operating mechanism -- well, no defects

-- on the electrical and mechanical part of regular check, inspection records, defects can be eliminated in time

-- used in the inspection period people work on a ladder, a ladder and the ground of the inclined angle is 60 °, the staff must stand at a distance of not less than 1m of the ladder rungs on the job.

Connect to the using two ladders, must use the metal clip tightly connected, or wire tied firmly.

Someone ladder, do not move, shake, leaning over, only allowed to work in the top stand, and some people care. in comparison with smooth hard surface such as the cement on the ground when using a ladder, rope ladder must be at the lower end of the fixture. in wood or mud on the ground when using a ladder, there must be one staircase, to prevent dumping; on the use of the ladder, the upper end of the rope is fixed to be used. in the channel when using a ladder, a guardian or temporary fence, in the use of the ladder door, should be taken to prevent the door suddenly opened measures. working on a ladder, should use the tool bag, use ropes passing objects. ladders in use process damage phenomenon, with the use of disruption, and inform the management professional personnel to repair, to ensure that the ladder.

4.2.7 test ladder, high stool, mobile platform an annual inspection. by the maintenance department lifting class is responsible for inspection, various departments and the establishment of accounting records.

All 4.2.8 Department ladder, platform ladder, high stool scrap should pass personnel and equipment management related majors after the approval, the delivery of safety supervision department.

4.3 management conditions

Ladder, platform ladder, tall stool personnel must be qualified by examination, the formal appointment of company employees.

4.4 management method

Take the computer network management.

5 management program

Ladder, platform, high stool storage, use, inspection procedures: use, keep team (Department) for storage of fixed position, the establishment of accounting (number), the operator check the correct use, safety supervision department is not regular check, found the problem put forward rectification opinions, the relevant departments to implement the written feedback to the safety supervision department, safety supervision department review, assessment, security company wide publicity.

6 the inspection and assessment

The implementation of this standard by company safety supervision department is responsible for the inspection and assessment of daily.

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