Aluminum alloy ladder, ladder safety specification for insulation

Aluminum alloy ladder, ladder safety specification for insulation

Reference: GB12142-2007

Ladder safety matters:

1 portable ladder safety requirements for portable ladders should be purchased from qualified suppliers, material, size, intensity of ladder should comply with national or industry related standards.

2 the production site shall not be made portable ladders, construction, decoration and construction work can allow homemade stool, but must go through a special safety inspection, the relevant units shall be referred to the relevant standards and the implementation of the management system.

3 straight ladder length should not be more than 6 meters. Extension ladder full extension length should not exceed 11 meters, and be equipped with limiting device to ensure the extension part and the non extension at least 1 meters from overlapping, overlapping restriction on pulley positioning or use ropes on the way.

Any member of 4 ladders shall not impact bending, deformation, corrosion, burr, pedal, pedal with unequal spacing and lack of strength and safety.

5 steps of the ladder and platform shall have anti slip. Step levels equal spacing and not more than 35 cm. All ladders should be set at the base of antiskid safety device, such as: anti-skid pad, a locking wheel.

6 ladder shall be kept in a clean and good condition at any time. When not in use, should be designated storage, personnel management, locked tag.

7 before use, managers and users must confirm the safety performance of the ladder, and managers should use the ladder to the user a detailed understanding of

Work content, the son to verify whether relevant ticket (such as safety work permit, high operating permit).

8 ladder should be kept level stably placed, other heavy objects should not be placed on the ladder, to avoid bending. The storage area should not be overheating or too wet, and not with corrosive substances together, to prevent the strength reduction.

9 when the ladder is not safe to use and can not be repaired, should be scrapped, must not be placed in the possible misuse of place.

Rated load 10 portable ladders shall be not less than 90kg, and identified by the rated load. According to the bearing capacity, the rated load of the ladder can be divided into 90kg, 100kg, 110kg, 135kg four levels.

11 portable metal ladders or metal parts and fasteners should be made of corrosion resistant material, or shall be treated to prevent corrosion.

Metal surface 12 portable ladders safety requirements ladder exposure should avoid sharp edges, burrs and other structural defects.

13 adjacent pedal or rung (pedal lever) center spacing should be equidistant, limit deviation is 2mm, and the center distance should be not more than 350mm. The ladder pedal or rung (pedal lever) surface should be processed into anti slip or non slip coating.

The lower end of the 14 ladder antiskid device should be fortified slide foot or equal effect. The device shall include (but not limited to), anti slide safety feet, spike and flat or circular foot etc..

15 ladder and ladder shall be one rod (or a locking device), the ladder two maintained in the open position. Stay away from the bottom height of the supporting surface is not bigger than 2 meters. When the two groups of bars, height restrictions only apply to lower a group.

The 16 extension ladder shall be provided with a force limiter meet lap ladder section requirements, should not overlap constraints alone pulley positioning or use ropes on the way.

The 17 tip or by other impact should be checked after the ladder is a ladder frame concave or bending, and pedal (or treading roller bending etc.). All metal parts and pedal (or rung of ladder frame), connecting parts and components should be thoroughly checked.

18 when exposed to high temperature (such as close to the flame) or exposed to certain acidic or alkaline substances, the intensity may decrease, consult manufacturer or technical personnel should use, and through the corresponding experiment, confirmed to meet the safety requirements before use.

19 check the purchase of new ladder ladder should conduct a comprehensive inspection before being put into use. The use of the process, should be inspected once every quarter, after passing the examination should paste inspection visual tags, indicate the date of inspection and examination. Defective ladders should be removed from the production site and paste "banned" label.

Check the contents of the 20 portable ladders including but not limited to the following contents: length of ladder is suitable for the job

Safety of 21 visual inspection of the ladder, such as bending, breakage, fracture, corrosion, pedal with unequal spacing or lack of pedal (tread) etc.;

Climbing or gripping surface 22 ladder is there ice, oil, wax and slippery substance;

23 a rope ladder safety operation should be visually check the ropes and pulleys;

24 visual inspection support security;

25 confirm that no good safety anti-skid device;

25 confirm that no good safety anti-skid device;

26 confirm the ladder has no inspection visual identification. After passing the examination, the examination time when seasonal color ring, color ring width of 5 ~ 8cm, spring green, summer is red, yellow, blue autumn, winter.

27 ladder safety must be used by qualified ladder, the use of the former should also be checked again.

A ladder 28 users must receive "training or instruction portable ladder safety management standards".

29 straight ladder, extension ladder only allows single unilateral use, ladder allows single bilateral respectively. Ladder should not be used as a straight ladder or fold, should ensure word ladder is fully open and the locking struts, beware of bar hinged clamps the hand.


31 when, down the ladder, the user should be geared to the needs of the ladder, as far as possible to maintain contact with the ladder three points (three points to four points in the hands and feet), must from the ladder and his feet in height from the ground more than 2 meters, should fasten the safety belt. Climbing a step level, the user should not side climbed up the ladder, a ladder to climb to ban from a ladder or ladder from the swing plane climb.

32 when the ladder length not or need to move the ladder, users should be down to the ground. The user on the ladder, I and others should not push, pull the ladder. No one on the ladder when the mobile ladder.

The 33 ladder two pedal or rung (pedal lever) ban stand, and painted red, the words "risk identification ban trample".

34 ladder climbing or gripping surface should avoid oil, wax, ice and snow, slippery substance.

35 for the straight ladder and extension ladder and 4 meters (including 4 meters) of the ladder, when in use:

36 (1) extending straight ladder and ladder resting must be steady, is strictly prohibited to put on the cable, wire rope, smooth inclining or shaking objects.

37 (2) when using a ladder to get into high level (roof or platform), the ladder should be extended into the plane one meter above the protruding part, and prohibit trample, handrail for personnel. Users in the top plane down the ladder to avoid drastic lateral collapse caused the ladder

Or the foot slip, suggested that this someone to hold the ladder.

38 (3) right angle ladder or extension ladder is placed into a corner: the ladder feet distance and gradient length ratio of about 1:4. The ladder feet should be placed in a horizontal supporting surface firmly, in the absence of appropriate measures to prevent slippage, ladders should not be in the ice, snow or smooth

The use of surface. No ladders placed on an unstable foundation to obtain additional height.

39 in the passage. When using a ladder, should will lock live or human care, to prevent others suddenly opened the door knocking down the ladder.

40 prohibit the ladder used as supports, slide, lever, springboard, platform, scaffold board and any other non original design purpose.

41 when the ladder near electrical circuit when in use, the user must adopt reliable safety measures, these measures can prevent the user or the tools, materials and any live, uninsulated circuit or conductor contact as possible, and shall keep a safe distance, to avoid electric shock. In addition to specially designed electric circuit operation for the metal ladder ladder, should not be used in contact with live line.

42 up the ladder, should be near the pedal (or rung) the central work, should prevent the body lost balance and fall occurred, such as to avoid excessive force, the body center of gravity from the ladder back to work, the ladder.

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