Mobile ladder safety management regulations

The 1 Objective

Ensure personnel safety when using a ladder.

2 scope of application

Company applies to the production and operation places mobile ladder of management, the use of.

The 3 definition

3.1 movable steel vertical ladder

Refers to a portable ladder fixed length, not independent support. It consists of ladder beam, pedal.

3.2 mobile aluminum alloy stepladder

Is connected by a hinge two aluminum alloy single ladder, the bottom is unfolded, aluminum alloy ladder can self support. Composed of ladder beam, pedal, rod, hinge, the ladder feet and other parts.

Stretched staircase 3.3 two aluminum alloy

Is connected by a locking device, can lift, two aluminum alloy single ladder combination, but aluminum ladder cannot support. Composed of ladder beam, pedal, the ladder feet, locking device, a pulley, a rope ladder, top, bottom section ladder etc..

Responsibility 4

The storage unit is responsible for mobile ladder ladder 4.1 daily maintenance, responsible for every quarter of mobile ladder inspection and paste the qualified label.

4.2 ladder personnel responsible for checking the condition of the ladder in the use of mobile ladder, ladder should be qualified label check.

Supervision of the 4.3 HSE department is responsible for on-site mobile ladder.

5 working procedures

5.1 safety requirements.

5.1.1 mobile ladder should be used for height in short time under the 4m work to be completed. The ladder should be responsible, custody, maintenance and repair, the ladder should be checked and post examination qualified label before use.

5.1.2 in the device in the edge area operations, prohibiting the use of mobile ladder.

5.1.3 uses mobile ladder operation, not a single person, must have a person to care and support. The workers must fasten safety belt.

5.1.4 no two people standing in the same ladder, ladder up to two files not stand.

5.1.5 operators are not allowed to stand in the top of the ladder, and must not peek.

5.1.6 when in use, the ladder must be placed stably, and the ground included angle of 60 ° ~ 70 ° is appropriate; at the top of the ladder with the building, by prison, the bottom should be placed in a strong base. Used in the soft ground, have anti depression, anti roll measures.

5.1.7 on a concrete floor or ground, hard smooth steel plate when in use, the ladder feet should be rubber sleeve or mat.

5.1.8 shall be erected on the support ladder is easy to slide or on shaky. Do not allow the fixing process pipeline.

5.1.9 if the ladder is, strictly mobile ladder.

5.1.10 when using a ladder, overload operation is strictly prohibited.

5.1.11 in the channel when using a ladder, should set the guardian or temporary guardrail. In front of the door when using, should prevent the door suddenly opened measures.

5.1.12 in the rotating machine used in the vicinity of the ladder, ladder between rotating part and machine should set up temporary protective isolation facilities.

5.1.13 down the ladder should face, no hand tools or equipment; work on the ladder to be preparation tool bag

5.2 protection and maintenance

5.2.1 ladders should be the person responsible for the custody, maintenance and repair, the ladder should be checked before use

5.2.2 after the end of the work, will be timely mobile ladder storage.

5.2.3 of contaminated sites, use soap water and other neutral solvent cleaning.

5.2.4 mobile staircase location should be dry, ventilation, strong acid, strong alkali shall not contact.

Mobile ladder 5.2.5 frequently used, to do regular checks appearance, unusual should be replaced immediately or scrapped.