All kinds of ladder use matters needing attention

All kinds of ladder use matters needing attention

Source: Author: Shi network extension metal release time: 2013-11-06

Use the matters needing attention:

1, select the appropriate operation with high ladder, climbing a short time can choose an appropriate height of aluminum alloy ladder and insulation ladder, for long time ascending operation should be selected with the ladder platform, please.

2, the ladder horizontal baffle spacing is generally 30 cm, and the angle of 70 degrees, and the top of structures by prison, lower end should have anti-skid measures.

3, ladder should be strong and limit hinge opening zipper.

4, is strictly prohibited in the same two people standing ladder, ladder not long or pad, a maximum of two files not stand.

5, the ladder can not steady use, shall be provided special support or by a rope ladder and a fixture secured.

There are 6 people, the ladder is prohibited when the ladder to move.

7, must be placed in front of the door when in use, to prevent the door suddenly opened measures.

8, up and down the ladder, don't take any object on the hand, and prevent hands grabbed the ladder.

9, the ladder against the use of the scaffolding, must be fastened, users should fasten the safety belt.

10, can not be used as insulating ladder dunnage, support, work table or other purposes, can only be used for climbing.

11, welding, close any wire or electrical repair shall not use metal ladder, such as aluminum alloy ladder.

12, if must be placed after the door ladder or channel, should the door or channel with a guardrail or a caregiver.

To face the ladder 13, work in the aluminum alloy ladder, if back to the ladder or in some cases, you should use safety belt.

14, power line, welding line, belt and other prohibited across the ladder.

15, such as the ladder length not and will use to connect the two ladder, must use the metal clip tightly connected, or wire tied firmly.

16, before work must put the ladder for stability, not to shake or excessive inclination. Use of ladders in cement or smooth hard ground, must use the rope ladder and fixtures. (at the lower end of the conditions can be placed rubber or rubber cloth at its lower end).

In 17, wood or mud on the ground when using a ladder, and the lower end shall be fitted with metal objects with the pointed, or rope ladder at the lower end of the fixture.

18, the use of the pipe on the ladder, the upper end of a hook or a rope tied to.

19, no ladder mounted on the support boxes and other unstable or easy to use sliding object.

20, work on the ladder should be used when the tool bag; application of the rope passing objects, not from the ladder or stairs into each other pass.

21, the rotating part is used near the ladder, in order to avoid the mechanical rotation part suddenly rolled up the staff of the clothes, in turn the ladder and the mechanical part between the temporary set sheet or metal mesh protective.

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