Insulation ladder quality, focus on safety!

                                     Insulation ladder quality, focus on safety!

With the development of the society, the construction of the market economytoday, the importance of safety has increasingly been placed in an importantposition, therefore, now most of the enterprises and institutions in China have realized the significance of safety in production, have done all kinds of traffic safety education and training. It is understood in all safety accidents in construction equipment, unsafe state is one of the main reasons of the accidents, therefore, the safety performance of construction tools, is from the source and fundamentally determines the effectiveness of safety management. However, the safety in production environment, in the production tool selection is a little careless may lay hidden dangers to the safety in production.

Insulation safety ladder production mainly consider many industry work high above the ground to face high voltage, if the general metal ladder, let the electric shock accident probability increases greatly, and Shi developed glass steel insulating ladder, pressure rating up to 35000 volts, the maximum possible to avoid electric shock accidents happen. Insulation safety ladder production is with thedevelopment concept of keeping pace with the times, look far ahead from a high plane, extending Shi and the security requirements of comprehensive buildingconsidered and carefully designed based on.

In recent years, with the rise of electricity, communications and other high risk industry in the face of high voltage insulation, safety ladder on the function of the increasingly high demand, and official in the domestic selling is that enhance the safety awareness of domestic enterprises and the "people-oriented" concepteverywhere in depth.

Stretch Shi to domestic ladder are not only a good ladder, but more suitable for theChinese all security solution using ladder, especially in the Chinese production safety regulation management environment, is a kind of safe production concept spread and guide -- guide our enterprises in the security tools and equipmentchoice more scientific and rational.