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Aluminum Alloy A-shape Ladder


  • The material is made of engineered aluminum alloy, with high strength, good toughness and durability
  • Machine riveting on joints, non looseness, with stablity and long service life
Type Length Weight Stepping Width Weight of loading
LAT-15 1.5m 10kg 40mm 100KG
LAT-20 2.0m 13kg 40mm 100KG
LAT-25 2.5m 16kg 40mm 100KG
LAT-30 3.0m 19kg 40mm 100KG
LAT-35 3.5m 22kg 40mm 100KG
LAT-40 4.0m 25kg 40mm 100KG
LAT-45 4.5m 28kg 40mm 100KG
LAT-50 5.0m 32kg 40mm 100KG