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Tank Truck Sampling Ladder


  • The chassis of the main structure is made of carbon steel or stainless steel, the surface of carbon steel is electrostatic sprayed with baking paint, and the components of ladder are made of high-strength aluminum alloy.
    The bottom is equipped with 4 16 inch solid casters, which is durable, labor-saving and easy to pass through the pit.
    The bottom of the sampling ladder is equipped with four adjusting supporting legs, which can adjust and fix the ground, and the overall stability is better.
    The main body is not easy to be loosened and welded.
    Compared with similar products, it has the characteristics of light weight, good stability and convenient use.
    It can be operated by one person and the height can be raised and lowered freely.
    Non standard can be customized.
    Scope of application: tank car sampling for petrochemical, coking crude benzene, medicine, food, etc., tank body welding seam observation, equipment maintenance, etc.
    User cases: BASF, shell, BP, AkzoNobel, Mitsubishi, Chevron, Bayer, DSM, Nippon, Solvay, Sinochem, COFCO, COSCO, Yihaijiali, Dingjin food, Dingyi food, Danone food, etc
Type Length Width MAX Length Length of folding Stepping Width Weight Weight of loading
LQYC-350 2 4 00mm 800mm 3500m 2300mm 100mm 330 KG 150KG
LQYC-400 2 5 00mm 800mm 4000mm 2600mm 100mm 360 KG 150KG
LQYC-450 2 68 0mm 800mm 4500mm 3000mm 100mm 380 KG 150KG
LQYC- 500 2800mm 80 0 mm 5 000 mm 3 500 mm 10 0 mm 405 KG 15 0 KG