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Aluminum Alloy Pedal


  • The material is made of engineered aluminum alloy, with high strength, good toughness and durability
  • Wending on all joints, non looseness, stablity
  • Light weight, strong carrying capability, easy to use
  • Nonstandard customizingi>
Type Length Width Thickness Fence High Weight Weight of loading
LTB-30 3000mm 500mm 100mm 800mm 38kg 300kg
LTB-40 4000mm 500mm 100mm 800mm 45kg 300kg
LTB-50 5000mm 600mm 200mm 1000mm 65kg 300kg
LTB-60 6000mm 600mm 200mm 1000mm 75kg 300kg
LTB-70 7000mm 600mm 250mm 1000mm 85kg 300kg
LTB-80 8000mm 600mm 250mm 1000mm 105kg 300kg
LTB-90 9000mm 690mm 350mm 1000mm 135kg 300kg
LTB-100 10000mm 690mm 400mm 1000mm 175kg 300kg