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Aluminum ladders bilateral stepping movement


  • aluminum silicon magnesium alloy material, high strength, good toughness, more durable;
  • components interface with welding, the overall use of bolt;
  • operational flexibility, ease of use and convenient;
  • load automatically when the brakes.
  • non-standard can be customized.
Type Length Width H1 H2 Stepping Width Work Area Weight Weight of loading
LSPC-750B 1900mm 600mm 750mm 800mm 200mm 600*800 35KG 200KG
LSPC-100B 2100mm 600mm 1000mm 800mm 200mm 600*800 48KG 200KG
LSPC-1250B 2350mm 600mm 1250mm 800mm 200mm 600*800 61KG 200KG
LSPC-1500B 2500mm 800mm 1500mm 800mm 200mm 600*800 72KG 200KG