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Lifting platform ladder


The selection of raw materials of high strength aluminum alloy;
The ladder interface using machine pressure riveting, durable;
The ladder lifting pulley structure for the side, pull rope, convenient operation simple;
According to the required height can be adjusted freely, can effectively avoid
obstacles and move.
Type All High Higher Fence Chassis Face Load
PTSX-30 3000mm 2100mm 1000mm 1700mm*600mm铝合金底盘 600mm*600mm 150KG
PTSX-40 4000mm 2700mm 1000mm 2200mm*600mm铝合金底盘 600mm*600mm 150KG
PTSX-50 5000mm 3300mm 1000mm 2400mm*600mm铝合金底盘 600mm*600mm 150KG
PTSX-60 6000mm 3700mm 1000mm 2700mm*600mm铝合金底盘 600mm*600mm 150KG
PTSX-70 7000mm 4400mm 1000mm 3100mm*600mm碳钢底盘 600mm*600mm 150KG
PTSX-80 8000mm 4700mm 1000mm 3500mm*600mm碳钢底盘 600mm*600mm 150KG