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Pipeline cross ladder


  • strength, good toughness and durability
  • Wending on all joints, non looseness, stablity
  • Light weight, strong carrying capability, easy to use
  • Nonstandard customizing
    Type Length Width H1 H2 Stepping Width Weight Weight of loading
    aaa 1100mm 600mm 1000m 800mm 200mm 33KG 300KG
    aaa  1300mm 600mm 1200mm 800mm 200mm 39KG 300KG
    aaa  1500mm 600mm 1500mm 800mm 200mm 46KG 300KG
    aaa  1900mm 600mm 2000mm 800mm 200mm 56KG 300KG
    aaa 2300mm 600mm 2500mm 800mm 200mm 67KG 250KG
    aaa  2600mm 600mm 3000mm 800mm 200mm 78KG 250KG
    aaa  3000mm 600mm 3500mm 800mm 200mm 90KG 250KG
    LPC-400 3400mm 600mm 4000mm 800mm 200mm 103KG 250KG