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Aluminum Alloy Two Joint Extension Ladder


  • The material is made of engineered aluminum alloy, with high strength, good toughness and durability
  • Machine riveting on joints, non looseness, with stablity and long service life
  • Ladder with stay cord on the side, occupying no space, safer to climb
Type Length Length of folding Weight Stepping Width Weight of loading
LDS-30 3.0m 2.2m 10kg 40mm 100KG
LDS-40 4.0m 2.7m 13kg 40mm 100KG
LDS-50 5.0m 3.3m 15kg 40mm 100KG
LDS-60 6.0m 3.7m 18kg 40mm 100KG
LDS-70 7.0m 4.3m 20kg 40mm 100KG
LDS-80 8.0m 4.7m 22kg 40mm 100KG
LDS-90 9.0m 5.3m 25kg 40mm 100KG
LDS-100 10m 5.7m 27kg 40mm 100KG
LDS-120 12m 6.7m 32kg 40mm 100KG